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A $HIVE powered social profile

Static Site files are located in ./docs/ upon building, runs on GitHub pages using this repo.

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refactor page selector (tag !== "null") fix tags display bug on new post (index newpost div) blokzlock() blokzlock private key for (new post, edit profile, comment, vote, ???) add some 'did i break something' tests more on yellow post-it notes


to get started, clone repo with:

git clone

as the site is generated by Nanogen, to install, run

sudo npm i -g nanogen

Running locally

To start the local environment, run

nanogen start

This will start the local server running at https://localhost:3000

Ctrl+C to stop the server.


nanogen build

will finalize release in ./docs/ directory, these files can be hosted anywhere you like, just upload the `./docs/' folder contents to your webhost root folder, and you are ready to go.


lots... please open tickets and report bugs

testing deployments to netlify,cloudflare and others