add blockchain post feed to any website
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add a blockchain users most recent posts to any website.


<div id="hiveblokz"></div>

You can download the .js file and self host if you prefer to not use as a CDN of sorts, just update the path to where you have it uploaded.


hiveuser is required

frontend is optional and defaults to any frontend that uses the domain/@hiveuser is valid, i.e. peakd,,, ecency

apinode is optional and defaults to

A list of public API nodes can be found here

when manually setting apinode or frontend, omit the https:// as the script will add that automagically.


Remove separator - undecided on how to present the post title and posted on date in a manner that will be presentable without additional CSS as I would like to remain as neutral as possible. currently using a blokz icon as a divider, which isn't optimal..